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Series Guidelines

What is A Fine Pair?

There aren’t many rules to the series, but here they are.

  • Both boxes should be red and the telephone box of the iconic K6 style box.
  • Both boxes should be able to be photographed together.
  • Both boxes should not be more than 100 feet apart.

Some exceptions to the colour are allowed. After the London 2012 Olympics, some Post Boxes were painted gold in the hometowns of British medal winners to commemorate their achievements. There are a number of Telephone Boxes that have been painted in various colours, cream, white, green and even a Union Jack! This is acceptable as long as it is not a modern Telephone Box.

What cache type can I place?

The cache can be of any type. If it is a Traditional, it should be placed in view of the A Fine Pair. If you wish to make it Multicache, Mystery, Letterbox, Earthcache or Wheirgo, if the final location is not within signt of the A Fine Pair, the cacher should need to visit the A Fine Pair in order to get some of the required information.

What size does the cache have to be?

The cache can be of any size, the bigger, the better!

Can I place the cache in the Telephone Box?

Please be aware that at the request of BT, it is not permitted to place the cache inside or on the exterior of any active telephone box. If the Telephone Box is no longer active and has been adopted by a new owner, it may be possible to place a cache inside, providing you have obtained permission from the owner as per the usual geocaching placement guidelines.

What happens if one of the boxes is removed?

If either box is removed for whatever reason, I ask that you archive the cache rather than rename it as this will affect future finders’ stats. If you wanted to leave a cache at that location, then it is simple enough to create a new cache page.

Placing a cache - The cache page

Please note that the cache page must be named in the format which is supplied to you.

When you request a number, I will check that the location has not already been allocated a number. This is important to avoid duplication so please do not publish the cache until you have received a number.

To ensure continuity, there are two paragraphs of text regarding the series to go at the top and bottom of the cache page which you must include.

Depending on whether you are using HTML or not on the cache page, please use the following text from one of the options below.

You will need to change the xxxx for the series number allocated.

Top of page HTML option:
Botton of page HTML option:
Top of page TEXT option:
Botton of page TEXT option:

If you wish to include a photo of the A Fine Pair on the cache page, that would be great! Also feel free to add any other information you like about the local area.

I try to reply to number requests within 2 or 3 days, but I am a busy family man with a full-time job and do like the occasional holiday, sometimes it might take up to a week.

Request a number

It's easy to request a number for your A Fine Pair cache – Head on over to our request form and fill in all the fields. Please let us know which the coordinates of the boxes, not the final cache location.