Welcome to A Fine Pair Series

The official website for the A Fine Pair Series

The A Fine Pair series was initially started by wizardsmum when she placed the first cache in the village of Fittleworth, West Sussex on October 8th 2011. A Fine Pair is essentially a location where a traditional K6 red telephone box is close to a red post box. The series was initially quite slow to grow, and when wizardsmum gave up Geocaching in 2014 , ownership of the series passed to mattd2k, an early fan and owner of caches in the series.

After the creation of a Facebook group and the development of a statistics webpage, awareness of the series increased and placed caches started to grow at a greater pace, but still mainly in Southern England, with Dorset, Cornwall and Gloucestershire becoming hotspots. In January 2018 the 1000th cache in the series being was placed, and the series had reached as far as the Isle of Man, Northern Island and Northern Scotland!

The series continues to grow, but due to mobile phones leading to a decline in the use of public telephones, many of these iconic boxes are slowly being removed. However, many have been adopted by local parishes and given a new lease of life as Information Points, Book Swaps, Cafes and Defibrillator Points.

If you would like to add to the series, please click on the ‘Get Involved’ tab at the top of the page for further details.


A Fine Pair thanks...

  • Firstly to wizardsmum for starting the series and then trusting the series to me.
  • Flookfinders for creating the GSAK Statistics Macros.
  • poohtiggs for his work in creating the first A Fine Pair website and number request form.
  • SideTrackedChris (formerly known as bus.stop) for his hard work in producing this new website and stats pages.
  • BRISTOLIAN for producing the profile Souvenirs each year for A Fine Pair Day.
  • sadexploration for his support and advice.
  • To all the Cache Owners who have helped to expand the series by setting caches for us all to find.